What is CAPO?

CAPO is a state-of-the-art, sophisticated software based program that enables management to assess and diagnose the quality and efficiency of internal processes and agency collaboration. Within a matter of weeks you will have an in depth understanding of where your marketing/communications processes and activities, including your agency relationships, stand in the way of reaching the level you require.

Our graphic reporting formats (traffic lights, gap maps showing lack of alignment, etc.) will allow you to instantly understand where improvements are called for and how to take action.

The technology used with CAPO was originally developed by BearingPoint (KPMG) and perfected by our partner Transparency Lab. After 5 years of R&D, it was nominated for the IT Innovation Award in Europe. Its various applications have been employed by the Dutch government, Heineken, ING, Swiss Re, Ferrero, Marriott International and others.

CAPO Chart

CAPO offers the opportunity to:

  • Identify which proceses are in place/adhered to and which are not
  • Identify whether present processes, working practices and planned activities are aligned with management priorities
  • Reduce efforts wasted on non-priorities
  • Establish improvement scenarios
  • Optimize the quality of output and cost efficiency

In short: it allows you to dramatically improve the transparency and accountability of marketing/advertising investments.

CAPO is especially beneficial for:

  • Multinational companies and other large, complex marketing companies that are committed to improve quality, efficiency and accountability in marketing activities and agency relationships
  • Companies that want to keep track of the quality of processes and agency performances across brands and markets
  • Companies that recognize something is off in their marketing efficiency and/or agency relationships, but have trouble identifying the root causes


Our understanding of global markets allows us to provide the best insights and experience in global and multinational client/agency matters.